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Gutter Roof is a metal dome gutter cover system. There is growing consumer awareness that metal dome systems work the best to keep leaves and other organic debris out of the gutters. The concept is simple. Debris falls on to the cover, where most of it blows off with the wind. The remainder is rinsed off with the rain. Typically, the debris falls off at the nose portion of the gutter protection, while the water through the process of water surface tension, follows the rounded contour of the nose and falls off when it reaches the straight edge in the trough system. (For more detailed information on various systems, please contact us for a copy of our free Gutter Protection report)

Most metal dome systems are constructed of thin gauge aluminum which is not strong enough to support the panels. Gutter Roof is constructed from thick gauge aluminum alloy which dramatically increases the durability of the panels. When you add the roof granule coating, Gutter Roof is the thickest gutter protection panel and extremely durable.  Durability is important when the product is installed on the roof facing the worst of the weather.

We have discovered that a 7” slot in the trough is the most effective size to allow incidental debris to be flushed through the gutter system, yet still supply adequate support to guard against warping and collapsing of panels.

Gutter Roof’s coating of roofing granules allows it to blend in with the roof line.  Gutter Roof looks better on the home and will maintain its camouflaged appearance for as long as you own your roof.

The roofing granules enhance the process of surface tension due to slowing down the water on the rough surface and additional surface area. We have yet to see another system which water adheres to better than our new finish. Consequently rain water flyover will be greatly minimized.

Our goal has always been to have a product that performs properly and looks great on the home . Gutter Roof is finally the product that accomplishes this goal.

Gutter Roof Premium

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