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Leaf Eraser
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Leaf Eraser is an economical solution for jobs that other leaf protection systems can’t handle; like cedar shake, flat metal roofs, and flat roof applications. The panels mount under the first row of shingles or to the fascia. Leaf Eraser utilizes our well established nose and trough system, based off of our original design from 1993. Leaf Eraser doesn’t use brackets or clips to attach to the gutter. Leaf Eraser is a retro fit system* therefore gutter replacement is not necessary. Leaf Eraser is available in 7 colors allowing it to blend in with most roof lines.

  • The low profile mounting system will allow it to be used in difficult applications.
  • The combination of the fully rounded nose of the panel and the patented trough system will handle a large volume of rainwater coming off the roof.
  • You don’t need to replace your gutters because this is a retrofit system. *
  • The seven available colors and low profile mounting blend into the roof line making it almost invisible on the home.
  • Leaf Eraser is backed by a 20 year limited warranty.

*if gutters are too high, installed improperly, or too damaged they may need to be reinstalled or replaced.

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