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Heater Cap
Heater Cap
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Why you need Heater Cap
In a cold climate, Heater Cap is a must! Ice and snow builds up in gutters and begins a cycle of freezing and thawing (Ice-Damming), causing gutter seams to break and gutters to loosen. The buildup of ice behind gutters could cause damage to the fascia and roof. Falling icicles and refreezing ice melt on walkways are a serious hazard as well.

How it works
Heater Cap gently warms the roof, gutter protection (if present), gutters, and downspouts. Heater Cap is comprised of an encapsulated heat cable that is safely hard wired into the home. Keeping the snow and ice out of the gutters is as easy as flipping a switch.

Heater Cap Installation
Heater Cap mounts on top of the gutter protection (if needed), gutters, roof, roof valleys, and through the downspouts. The heavy duty heat cable is hard wired into the circuit breaker. A switch is added to turn on and off when needed. The installation may be done on partial or whole house applications.

Heater Cap will eliminate the formation of ice in the gutters. Install Heater Cap now and prevent costly future repairs or injuries that could easily exceed the cost of installation.

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