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We have been manufacturing and distributing gutter protection for over 15 years through our national network of dealers and our Chicago retail company. Our company is a leader in the home improvement industry because of our open mindedness to new ideas, our dedicated and flexible support staff, and because we never rest on our laurels. We know that product improvements are a necessary ingredient to staying competitive and on top of our game. We are committed to training both on the production and sales end.  We intend to keep offering our clients the very best state of the art products and services.

Our company believes an informed home owner is a better consumer. In order to facilitate knowledge to our customers, Gutter Roof has sponsored informative product reports.  “A Homeowners Guide to Gutter Protection” offers detailed information covering a broad range of products currently available on the market. The report covers the different styles available as well as the different finishes, and explains the pros and cons of each system.

We are excited with the roll out of our newest gutter protection system, Gutter Roof, which incorporates roof granules into the finish for better esthetics and performance.

Gutter Roof has a hands on training facility available in the Chicago area with classroom instruction and three rooms of practical application. The three rooms allow the installers to learn installation techniques on the most common roof types, as well as a variety of less common installations. All companies that have participated in our hands on training course receive a Certificate of Merit from Gutter Roof.

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